Booker Walton Jr.

What is the name of your business? Mountaineer Technology Consultants

What is the website for the business?

Where is your business located? 250 Scott Ave, Suite #2 Morgantown, WV 26508

What is your company’s mission and vision? Prides itself on being able to educate their customers on technology. They want to understand their costumers’ needs and make their costumers have a clear understanding and how its going to help them benefit their company.

How would you describe your business to a potential client? Mountaineer Tech is a full service IT. Their company as a come and see one stop shop and a company where if you need software, wireless technology, and they even have digital marketing. The company is seen as a one space to be able to get everything you need and at an afford price. A company willing to help you do what is best for your company.

What inspired you to create this business? Booker Walton has been in the IT business since he was 24. He always wanted to get out on his own, although he hurt his knee in the fourth grade, he did not let that stop him. He went to work for the state for 12 and a half years and had an IT business on side. It was always his goal to get out on his own and have his own IT business which he eventually he did.

What direction do you see this business going in the next ten years? Booker sees the company having about 7 to 10 more employees within the next five years. As of right not there are only 4 employees but they are looking to grow. Plans for company to be in a few more locations besides Morgantown.

What challenges have you faced while in business? Especially being a black owned business? Booker’s parents never let him use his color as an excuse, his mom was in the educational system and his dad was a well to do businessman. While growing up he had no choice but to achieve in life. He always told him, he was going to fight through those barriers no matter what and get people to see him as a person.

What made you chose to start business in Morgantown, West Virginia?
Morgantown has always been home to Booker, he grew up here all his life from grade school to college. He noticed his money based was here in Morgantown and he had many connections and growing a family here, he realized this was the place he needed to be and as far as business this was a place he needed to be because business here is very good.

What is the most important thing to you in a company? The culture. Having worked for other people he noticed the things he liked and did not like. Booker wanted to foster a company where people can come to him and talk to him as a boss. When you create a great space and a friendly culture and appreciate each other it helps a business grow.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year? Booker sees the company within the next year gradually growing for the company. Bring on another employee on board. Booker wants to continue to get the word out about the mountaineer tech business. Continue to grow and move and do what we need to do to solve people’s computer needs.

General statement: He wants to thank the black business magazine for telling his story and giving this platform and showing the youth that you can do anything that you want to do and raise above all obstacles that life throws your way.

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