Cynthea Brown

Ready, Set, Pulse

Cynthea Brown has a heart of gold and it's no doubt that it’s fueled by her determination to be a winner. Pulse Solutions Apparel, which started in 2014, is "A New Style of Customizations" that specializes in embroidery and decorative apparel. As the co-owner/designer, Cynthea Brown is only one-third of the dynamic trio that keeps this business thriving. Giving its customers plenty of top-quality options to choose from, it’s something for the people to dive deep into. Cynthea hopes to open more stores and to see more of the youth involved. So, it’s a no brainer that her success thrives on being able to give back to her community.

Of course, there are perks to being your own boss, like creating your own schedule and setting your own priorities. Being an entrepreneur also comes with risks. Black business owners might face racial discrimination and financial barriers. There may be problems with finding support and facing rejections. Cynthea offers this one piece of advice to anyone looking to become an entrepreneur: don’t give up and you shouldn't let anyone discourage you.

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