John Gaddis

What is the name of your business? GADDIS Consulting Group LLC (GADDIS Group)

What is the website for the business?

Where is your business located? Morgantown, WV

What is your company’s mission and vision? The mission and vision of GADDIS Group is to be a value-added partner with each client, by delivering a wide range of technology-based services and solutions that exceed expectations and promises.

How would you describe your business to a potential client? GADDIS Group wants to be your value added partner. We listen to the client to understand their pain points or issues. GADDIS Group is more than a technology services company; it is a solution provider.

What inspired you to create this business? John said that has never really been a nine to five kind of person. As a youngster, he sold greeting cards door to door for prizes. That’s how he earned his first instant camera. His parents bought him a computer at an early age so, which fueled his interested in computers. John said there were always entrepreneurs in his neighborhood. From his great grandparents who owned a large plantation, to his grandmother, who owned a home-based hair styling (press and curl) business, and an aunt that sold beauty products (a nationally known brand). There were weekend mechanics, plumbers, carpenters as well other family members who created and sold crafts and products that the community needed. Back then they were called "hustlers", but today we know them as entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit is in his DNA. GADDIS Group came about from an opportunity to spin off a web product that he developed while working with his previous employer. While marketing that product he saw a need to expand into consulting services.

What direction do you see this business going in the next ten years? GROWTH. Building more networks, more relationships, promoting more businesses. John defines himself as a serial networker. When he meets people he finds out what they do. Captures and stores that information for future opportunities and networking events. He is often called upon for advice, information, and collaboration. John is always willing to share. So, in the next ten years, GADDIS Group will to be a market leader.

What challenges have you faced while in business? Especially being a black-owned business? His greatest challenge is focusing on just one thing. John once had a mentor tell him to only focus on one thing which was a challenge for him because he is very hands-on and masters anything that he puts his mind to. He sees himself as the jack of many trades, master of some. John has also served as a City Councilman (first black male to hold that seat in the City of Morgantown).

What made you chose to start a business in Morgantown, West Virginia? Good location that is central to most places. John said he has built a good resource network and believes that Morgantown is ripe for growth.

What is the most important thing to you in a company? John believes that good people and people that are doing things within the company for the right reasons and are following the mission and vision of the company is very important to keep a company going.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year? John is working to increase revenue, add more employees, and position the GADDIS Group for a new and changing economy.

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