meet the founder

As It Should Be is more than just the name of LaToya Jones’s beauty brand; it is the ethos behind everything she does.  


When envisioning her line of skincare, LaToya worked to create a line of products designed for fresh, healthy skincare; products that are as friendly to your skin as they are to the earth.  Everything is created exactly as it should be: from the goddess line hand created by LaToya to the clinical line, sourced from a US-based manufacturer that shares the same commitment to preserving and improving our world through eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. 


During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, As It Should Be expanded their service to the community by fundraising in order to provide hand sanitizers to local schools and daycares, so that they could continue to care for children, keeping everyone safe and healthy. 


The Struggle for Representation


While West Virginia achieved statehood out of a battle to escape oppression, it still struggles to achieve inclusion.  As of 2010, West Virginia still ranks in the bottom quarter of the nation, with only 3.5% identifying as black.  


Starting a business is never easy, but minorities struggle to have their businesses, accomplishments, and successes seen and recognized.  Black business owners lack representation within both traditional media throughout the state, trade specific magazines, and local publications and websites. Black Business Now is here to change that. 


Falling into an Opportunity


LaToya Jones recognizes the struggle for representation that many other black businesses are coming up against, as it is her own.  Instead backing away in discouragement, she saw the opportunity to create a solution for all of West Virginia.  LaToya put her idea for a magazine featuring black businesses out into the world, and it was met with encouragement from friends, community members, and strangers.  


Black Business Now


The businesses featured in this Black Business Now are trailblazers.  These businesses have pushed hard, put in the work, and given their time to get where they are.  We hope to make this process easier for future businesses.  This moment is a turning point in the history of our state and nation. Many people are taking notice of the inequality that has long taken up space in our state and nation, and wanting to be a part of positive change.  


Black Business Now is a resource for all West Virginians.  It is a resource from entrepreneurs outside the state who are thinking about coming to West Virginia with their business.  It is a showcase of black business owners in West Virginia so their success can be recognized. 


Black-owned businesses are here, ready to serve the community with excellence, innovation, and passion. Exactly as it should be. 

2020 Black Business NOW - under development by GADDIS Group - Morgantown, WV