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Juneteenth 155th Year of Celebration


“Juneteenth marks what is arguably the most significant event in American history after independence itself--the eradication of American slavery” (Davis).


The Second Wave of the Civil Rights Movement: Global Unity


Black. Lives. Matter.

For weeks, these three words have been said not only in America but across the world. They’ve transcended not only borders, but languages, cultures, classes, religions, and identities.


Enhance the Romance


When Hall speaks about her business, she is animated and enthused. She is confident and knowledgeable. It is clear that this is a woman who has found her calling.


Starting A Business, Making That First Move


As you progress, many of the questions you had in the beginning, will be answered. You will know if and when it is time to resign from your “safe” job and step out into the unknown because your soul will be happy.

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