Enhance the Romance

Jodi Hollingshead


When Hall speaks about her business, she is animated and enthused. She is confident and knowledgeable. It is clear that this is a woman who has found her calling.

Ten years ago, Koron Hall attended a party that would change her life--but not right away.

Many years of marriage and three children later, divorce began a self love journey that transformed Hall’s view of herself and what her future could look like. Hall lights up when she remembers the feeling she had at that party so many years ago--inspired, excited, motivated. She used that fire to start her own business as a Pure Romance consultant in October of 2019.

Pure Romance is a company focused on empowering people through sex, intimacy and wellness education. Hall, a medical coder by day and a self proclaimed “fun specialist,” by night takes this mission to the next level with an emphasis on self confidence and communication.

“Communication is key. I’ve always been someone that people felt like they could come and talk to about anything. I’m always trying to help people out by listening, talking, praying with them,” Hall says. In her marriage, she had the opportunity to counsel struggling couples. She emphasized the importance of open lines of communication to those couples, and having seen success in those marriages, she carries that message through to her Pure Romance clients.

Hall says she was always intrigued by the human body and expressed a special interest in Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist with a 40 year-long career.

“I’ve never had any problem talking about sex,” says Hall, so Pure Romance felt like a natural choice.

Though she has never been shy, it’s taken time for her to become the woman she is today. After her divorce three years ago, she credits the love and support of God as well as her mother, Priscilla, her sister, Kiana, and her aunt, Lena, with getting her to a point where she could move on and grow from the experience. Now, in a loving relationship and with a thriving business doing something she loves, Hall is a confident woman with a clear mission.

“I want to enhance the romance!,” Hall laughs as she utters her catchphrase, gifted to her by her boyfriend, Lawrence.

She does just that by focusing her parties on educating women about their own pleasure. She sees a void in conventional sex education when it comes to women understanding their bodies, therefore their pleasure, so she seeks to open new doors for women who’ve maybe been neglecting themselves when it comes to intimacy. “Every woman is different,” Hall says, and it’s clear that she is passionate about helping women learn what works for them. She adds that a healthy intimate life begins with self love.

“You have to learn to love yourself first.” She encourages her clients to ask themselves what makes them feel good and to do things just for themselves, not for anyone else, before they even look at the catalog.

“It’s not just about the toys,” says Hall. “There’s so much more to us than that.” Pure Romance offers an extensive line of products including bath and body care, “Hot Date Night” cards for couples, and yes, a line of items for Hall’s more curious or experienced clients.

Due to the wide-ranging tastes and backgrounds of the party attendees, Hall strives to create an incredibly open, safe environment for everyone.

“I always say this is a judgement free zone.” She goes on to say, “when you’re in a crowd, you never know who’s been hurt in the past or what the person next to you is into.” Hall’s naturally vibrant, inviting demeanor lends itself to creating this safe environment for all of her attendees. “A lot of times, [at these parties] is the only time women can open up and talk about this stuff,” Hall says, so she’s sure to allow time for the attendees to ask questions and talk with each other. This inevitably results in exciting conversations many of the women have never had before.

While Covid-19 paused the ability to have in-person parties, prior to the stay at home order, Hall was facilitating many parties including a recurring monthly engagement in Fairmont. She can’t wait to get back to in-person events, and with good reason. Hall shines face-to-face.

Pure Romance is just the beginning for this entrepreneur. Her passion for helping people combined with her belief in the significance of a healthy intimate life has her dreaming and planning a future career helping people with their relationships.

When Hall speaks about her business, she is animated and enthused. She is confident and knowledgeable. It is clear that this is a woman who has found her calling.

“I’m 38 years old, and this is the first time in my whole life that I have felt my whole entire self. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I feel free.”

If you are interested in learning more about Pure Romance and Koron, please visit pureromancce.com/koronhall or text or call Koron at 304-290-1901.

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