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These are the following people and businesses who have donated their time and or money. For the business side, we can say,

"Thank you to the following businesses for donating. Your donation helped launch this much needed online magazine!"




  1. Mask 4 Mask

  2. Travel Made Simple

  3. Tracy's Wax Bar

  4. Crab Shack

  5. Discovering Euphoria Natural Solutions for Your Well-being

  6. The Mustard Couch

  7. Adrien Craven Photography


  9. GADDIS Group -

"Thank you to the following people for donating their time and or money.  Your donation and time helped launch this much needed online magazine!"



  1. Araka Walker

  2. Sheryl Hood

  3. Rebecca Moran

  4. Angie Rog

  5. Lauren Collins

  6. Jenica Schoolcraft

  7. Jacquelyn Brooks

  8. Jodi Hollingshead

  9. Lindsay Willey

  10. Eric Watkins

  11. Kayla Gagnon

  12. John Gaddis

  13. Maria Gaddis